Sunday, October 4, 2009

PSP Go Released

Sony have released their new version of the psp, the PSP go. Sony have created a beautiful machine here but in my opinion it is still lacking. It still fails to come equiped with the dual anolouge which i feel is long overdue to us portable console owners. FPS's will still have trouble on the new PSP and still lack its full potential. Although it does have its + sides. It has no UMD slot, the console now runs on the memory card and internal memory. Games will now have to be downloaded in orerd to play them. The games will be put on the playstation store similar to the playstation store that we all know off from the Playstation 3. Although prices for the playstion portable store may heart some pockets when you can the same game in umd format for MUCH MUCH LESS, what are sony thinking.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Super Street Fighter IV

Capcom have announced their new street fighter update. It will be out in 2010, although Capcom have announced that they have added 9 additional characters and added stages into the game. Aswell as all this they had add new improvments to the almost perfect fighting game and keeping the great visuals that the game has always had! There are a few videos on youtube floating about showing us a sneak peak of the new characters Juri and T.Hawk

The long awaited release of the uncharted 2 demo has been released. Allowing you to play online for free and have a variety of online modes on offer. You can play death match games aswell as co op based games. One demo that should definetly be downloaded and played before the release of the actually game. I have to personally say the game looks awesome and plays like a dream. Game has a lot to offer with or without friends online. Download of the Playstation network now!

Call of Duty Modern warfare 2 footage

New released gamplay footage of COD 6. This footage shows the new online gamplay and if i do say so myself it looks awesome, be sure to pick this one up guys! 10.11.2009